Microwave Assisted Gas Separation

CO2 Capture

Development of new regeneration technique to reduce the energy penalty in CO2 capture. Post combustion CO2 capture has been seen as an option for reducing CO2 emission. However, the energy penalty is very high, and 60% of the energy penalty in post combustion CO2 capture is mainly from adsorbent/absorbent regeneration

In temperature swing adsorption/absorption, CO2 adsorption happens at 60 degree C. The adsorbents/absorbents are then heated to 120 C to release CO2 and 160 C to release SOx, NOx. The adsorbents/absorbents have to cool down to 60 C again for next adsorption cycle. This heating and cooling consume a large amount of energy.

Our research strategy is to reduce the energy penalty during the regeneration stage through developing new regeneration technique for low temperature swing, for instance, microwave swing capture. The project is funded by EPSRC.

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