VELaSSCo: Visualization for Extremely Large-scale Scientific Computing

The Vision of VELaSSCo is to provide new approaches for visual analysis of large-scale simulations for the Exabyte era. It does this by building on big data tools and architectures for the engineering and scientific community and by adopting new ways of in-situ processing for data analytics and hardware accelerated interactive visualization.

To better manipulate the data from simulations with billions of records it is crucial that the engineering and scientific community adopts big data tools. VELaSSCo will provide a simulation data analysis platform consisting of:

  1. A database structure, based on widely used technologies such as Hadoop-HBase, that can organise and store a diverse range of large-scale simulation data sets for collaborative use.
  2. An innovative approach, adopting big data best practices, to handle large scale simulation data sets that have to be stored on multiple servers.
  3. A framework equipped with advanced in-situ processing tools to analyse the output of parallel simulation solvers.
  4. An analysis platform to analyse and visualize large-scale data sets interactively. This builds on leading edge graphics hardware.
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Postgraduate Researchers: 

Dr. Alvaro Janda

Dr. Giuseppe Fillipone

Dr. Prabhat Tatoo

Dr John P Morrissey

Research Institutes: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment

Research Themes: 

  • Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure

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