Signal and Image Processing

Signal and image processing algorithms lie at the heart of almost all of today's digital technology, from the mobile phone to advanced satellite imaging. IDCOM's expertise in signal and image processing spans fundamental theory through to algorithm design, with applications in a wide array of sectors across science and technology.

IDCOM delivers world leading research in signal and image processing from fundamental theory, algorithms and architectures through to its translation to specific audio, video, radar/sonar, and medical imaging applications.
This research includes development of novel theory and techniques in Statistical signal processing,  Bayesian estimation, time frequency analysis, sparse representations and information theory. Our research impacts practically through better/faster imaging (MRI, CT, Radar, industrial tomography etc.) and sensing.
Some of the major research applications being pursued in IDCOM include:


  • Medical imaging & monitoring
  • Remote Sensing & environmental monitoring
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial condition monitoring
  • Defence and Homeland Security
  • Robotics and Autonomous vehicles


Syntheitc Aperture Radar (SAR) image using fast back projection
Syntheitc Aperture Radar (SAR) image using a fast decimation-in-image back projection