MSc Fire Engineering Science

MSc Degree Programme: 

Our MSc Fire Engineering Science is the latest degree offering in the University of Edinburgh’s long history of fire science and engineering education. The programme brings together classes from across different areas of fire safety with a strong core of fundamental fire science, an emphasis on experimental investigation, and with classes in numerical models and design applications. Students will also study the regulation of fire risks and how to protect buildings from the adverse effects of fire.

You will gain knowledge of the critical issues in fire science and fire safety engineering, an understanding of fire behaviours, and measurement techniques. You will become familiar with performance-based approaches to design and have an awareness of the capabilities – and limitations – of relevant advanced modelling methods for fire safety engineers and fire scientists.

The University first established a fire safety engineering activity in 1973. Fifty years later, new technologies and climate change are increasingly introducing fire hazards into environments that were previously considered not to be vulnerable to fire. This programme reflects the changing nature of how fire hazards impact upon human activities, and how fire science and fire safety engineering is central to addressing these challenges.

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For more information about the programme, its structure, the entry requirements etc. please see the University Degree Finder page.

photo of fire taken from beneath an experiment in a scientific laboratory
Fire Science Engineering in the Fire Lab
photo of fire taken from above an experiment in a scientific laboratory