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  • The crowd begins to gather

    As Scotland’s capital and the world’s Festival City, Edinburgh is a constant source of inspiration for what we do at the International Festival. With its incredible history and outstanding beauty, Edinburgh International Festival started on 2 August 2019 alongsidefive other official festivals.

  • A venue at the Edinburgh Festival

    The month of August is when the Edinburgh Festival takes place. It is very famous across the world and many people travel from afar to this beautiful city to enjoy the art, comedy, music and much more.

  • Internal decoration in Hopetoun House

    On the weekend I went to Hopetoun House, a stately home which celebrates the life and family history of Marquess of Linlithgow. When you stand on the lawn in front of the main building it feels like a scene from the Downton Abbey!

  •  Postgraduate Intercollege Ceilidh at The University of Edinburgh
    A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish social gathering that involves a lot of group dancing and it’s a good chance to learn about Scottish culture. This ceilidh experience was so fun and it was a great opportunity to make new friends from other parts of the University’s community.
  • The courtyard in Lithlithgow Palace, Scotland

    In June I visited the ruins of Linlithgow Palace which are situated in the town of Linlithgow in West Lothian. The palace was once of the principal residences of the monarchs of Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries and was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

  • York Minster

    York is a beautiful city located between the River Ouse and River Foss. The history of York can be traced back to the period of Roman Empire in 71 AD. One of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals, York Minister, is the fortress of Roman in the early stage.

  • On Sunday I went to visit The Falkirk Wheel. The Falkirk Wheel is the only rotary transporter between two canals which are at different height levels. One canal is connected to the Glasgow canal and another one is connected to the Edinburgh canal.

  • Hopetoun House, Edinburgh

    Hopetoun House is a country house located in South Queensferry near Edinburgh. It has been home to the Hope Family since the 17th century and the present Lord Hopetoun and his family still live in the south wing of the House.


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