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  • The arrival at the iron bird’s nest
    The building belonging to the King
    The adapting to things unfamiliar
    The learning and conjuring of principles
    The unlearning of biases and stereotypes
    The relearning of humility and empathy

  • Isaac Newton death mask

    So! You’re about to arrive to Edinburgh, are you? Congratulations! Whether you come from places as far as Australia, or as close as next door, I’m sure you’re eager to start living new experiences in this amazing University.

  • Bamburgh Castle

    I must say that everything I was told about Edinburgh’s weather has turned out not to be the case. I am struggling, rather unsuccessfully, not to call it a lie. For example, I was told that it doesn’t snow in Edinburgh because of warm currents from the sea. I believed it till the beast arrived.

  • University of Edinburgh School of Engineering computer lab

    Work on my dissertation is now in full swing. Everyone is on it with various degrees of success. Some are having a good time, while others are finding it tough. Unfortunately, I am in the latter group. The past few weeks have been extremely frustrating.

  • Ornately decrorated painted ceiling, McEwan Hall Edinburgh, taken from below

    Before reading this blog, I really urge you to watch a short film I saw when I was very young.  The name is "Science Please!: Why is the Sky blue?". You can find it in Youtube and it's less than 1:30 in duration, so please: go, go! Watch it!

  • Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

    Nine months ago, I gave one of the saddest goodbyes in my life… on September I said goodbye to the sunny days. I know… I was overdramatic. But after almost nine months, I was really missing the expression “it’s sunny today”.


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