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  • My To Do List...

    It’s been a while, isn’t it? The semester is still powering on in full force, getting more hectic as the days go by. So many group works to complete.

  • McEwan Hall in the Snow

    Choose... a University far from home, in the hope of getting opportunities not available elsewhere. Choose notepads, choose computers, calculators and books, to prepare yourself for the long study journey that awaits.

  • Ammar working in the lab

    This summer, a number of students worked on a variety of research projects with Dr Norbert Radasci. They have spoken about their experiences:

    Ewan Speirs, 4th Year student, Chemical Engineering with Management (MENG)

  • Calton Hill

    After ten weeks of lectures, tutorials and assignments, the end of the first semester commences by exams. Exams are always stressful no matter the amount of time that goes into preparation. Thankfully, all the exams end before the winter break.

    Start of Winter Break

  • King's Buildings Campus

    This week I began the second semester in my journey towards acquiring a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh, a place I have come to consider home in the last few months. The Sustainable Energy Systems (MSc) programme has been quite interesting.

  • Business School

    At first glance, optional courses may seem like a total blessing by giving you the opportunity to enhance your studies the way you want. Adding some non-engineering to your engineering MSc, why not? But be always careful, there is always a catch…

  • Dissertation reports

    Congratulations to all my mates, we've finally finished the dissertation! The vive-voce will be held about two weeks later. This is the time for us to relax. The dissertation process is really tough, but interesting. It taught me how to fully complete a research project.


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