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  • Edinburgh city centre

    Probably it’s not a good time to talk about that. It’s December, it’s exam period and deadlines are here, more and more pressing. But Edinburgh is still out there, more beautiful and magical than ever before, tempting you to get out with the first chance.

  • Fall leaves

    It has been getting a little cold lately. Cold enough to freeze a small pond that is outside my place. I have been told that this won’t last for long, which I think is a shame because everything looks even better when it gets frosty.

  • Edinburgh Map

    Hi again!

    Winter is coming here in Edinburgh, with nights starting at 4pm and temperatures creeping below zero. Still haven’t seen proper snow yet, looking forward to my first snow when it comes!

  • Me at Alnwick Castle

    Hi again!

    October flew right past my eyes, among classes, futsal games, learning how to cook, hanging out with friends and many other interesting things. There’s always something going on in Edinburgh, you just have to balance between everything you got to do with limited time.

  • Edinburgh City

    Spending 3 months here I can now say I feel that I belong here and I know my ways around.

    So let me get you few pieces of advice on how to settle in here.

  • Speaking a new language in a new country

    The very first thing that I used to ask the people from my home country who had lived abroad, was always this; if they had found it difficult to communicate in English. And their reply was, honestly, always this: “Of course not, don’t worry”. For me finally, it wasn’t that easy.


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