Advanced Signal Processing Techniques For Band-limited Optical Communications

To design signal processing techniques to mitigate impairments caused by the limited channel bandwidth. The channel in this case will be an optical communication channel (wired and wireless).

The project will involve implementing the developed techniques on a reconfigurable signal processing platform (e.g. an FPGA) for real-time experimentation and evaluation.

The project will be carried out in our world-class LiFi R&D Centre within the School of Engineering.

There is no deadline for this position but applications will close once a suitable candidate has been found. 

Closing Date: 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Principal Supervisor: 


Minimum entry qualification - an Honours degree at 2:1 or above (or International equivalent) in a relevant science or engineering discipline, possibly supported by an MSc Degree. Further information on English language requirements for EU/Overseas applicants.

MSc/MEng degree or First class degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering, Computer/Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication, Communication Engineering or any other closely related subjects. Candidates will be expected to have a high level of analytical and investigative skill.


Further information and other funding options.

Applications are welcomed from self-funded students, or students who are applying for scholarships from the University of Edinburgh or elsewhere

Informal Enquiries: