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Tracking granular flows using instrumented grains Infrastructure and Environment Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure

Dr Stefanos Papanicolopulos

Transforming plastic waste into devices for water treatment Materials and Processes Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation

Dr Cher Hon Lau

Transition Engineering Towards Carbon Capture In Natural Gas Combined Cycles With Exhaust Gas Recycling (TECC-GAS) Energy Systems Carbon Capture and Separation Processes

Dr Mathieu Lucquiaud

Ultra-Fast 3D Vision Using Single-Photon Sensors Integrated Micro and Nano Systems Optical Systems and Materials, Sensors

Dr Istvan Gyongy

Variable Stiffness Actuation for Bioinspired Underwater Vehicle Design Bioengineering, Integrated Micro and Nano Systems Materials and Structures, Optical Systems and Materials, Sensors, Smart MEMS and Microsystems Technology, Smart Wireless Devices and Systems

Dr Francesco Giorgio-Serchi

Wave-current interaction modelling for marine and coastal engineering Infrastructure and Environment Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Sensing and Systems, Structural Engineering

Dr Athanasios Angeloudis


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