Erik Mårtensson, MEng Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose your degree at Edinburgh, and what did you enjoy most about studying it?

I chose to study electrical and mechanical engineering because of its very broad nature. It is very focused on energy production, where you get great insight into all aspects of power all the way from the prime source to consumer usage. The broad nature allows you to work with full system engineering and be the bridge between different teams in a company. It’s very exciting to be in a position where you can influence all parts of a systems and be the glue that holds the project together.  

What is it like being a student at Edinburgh, and have there been any particular highlights or standout memories?

Being a student at Edinburgh is amazing. The city itself is incredible and so much fun. I have gotten the chance to do so many incredible things through clubs and societies, from playing rugby in front of 12,000 people at Murrayfield to building and racing cars at Silverstone racetrack. 

Is there anything the University or School of Engineering offers which has enhanced your experience as a student?

Edinburgh University Formula Student has given me so much in terms of applying my engineering degree and doing lots of practical work. Leading a team of over 20 students and managers developing a fully autonomous, electric race car has developed me in ways I could never have imagined when I first started at Edinburgh. Everything I have done in my professional career has happened because of Formula Student and it is by far the biggest part of my CV! 

Doing the six-month engineering placement in fourth year really allowed me to get insight into the world and learn more about what I want to do with my degree. 

Do you know what you plan to do after graduation? How has your time at Edinburgh helped to shape or further your career goals?

All engineering education at Edinburgh is heavily focused at renewable energy and building towards a greener, more sustainable future. This has suited me very well since I have been wanting to make a difference and contribute against climate change since I was at school. My degree enables me to go into a range of different industries, but my goal is to work with renewable energy production or electric vehicles as a control and systems engineer. 

Thinking back to your time as a fresher, is there any advice you would share with new students starting at the School of Engineering next term?

It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t. Join clubs and societies and enjoy your time at uni! 

Erik Mårtensson
Erik Mårtensson