Helen Rogers, MEng Chemical Engineering

Why did you choose your degree at Edinburgh, and what did you enjoy most about studying it?

I initially applied for biochemistry at Edinburgh but due to the breadth of the first year I was able to switch to chemical engineering for second year and beyond. The problem solving and analytical nature of this course was a much better match for me, and I have never looked back since!  

What is it like being a student at Edinburgh, and have there been any particular highlights or standout memories?

Although I might be slightly biased, Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the world and the University is no different. Studying chemical engineering was definitely a challenge at points but some of my favourite memories are bonding with my peers over late night library sessions for group design projects.  

Is there anything the University or School of Engineering offers which has enhanced your experience as a student?

I was lucky enough for the School of Engineering to be very supportive of my sporting commitments throughout my degree. They supported me to take my fourth-year courses over two years so I could train for GB team trials in the sport of canoe slalom. 

Do you know what you plan to do after graduation? How has your time at Edinburgh helped to shape or further your career goals?

I am lucky enough to have been offered a graduate role at Xodus Group where I did my industrial project as part of my engineering degree. I secured the initial placement through a link with the University so I would not be in that position without Edinburgh! 

Thinking back to your time as a fresher, is there any advice you would share with new students starting at the School of Engineering next term?

It may seem like you have a harder workload than your peers but embrace the challenges as it makes it all the more rewarding in the end! 

Helen Rogers competing in the GB team trials for her sport, canoe slalom
Helen Rogers competing in the GB team trials for her sport, canoe slalom