Megan Bramwell, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy

What do you like most about being a student at the University of Edinburgh?

I like being a student in Edinburgh for many reasons. I like that the city has a large range of greenery and nature on your doorstep from Arthur’s Seat to the Pentland Hills and Portobello beach. Another reason I chose Edinburgh was due to the reputation of the university and the passion that some of the lecturers have towards their specialised subject and their enthusiasm in teaching it. The cherry on the cake must be being able to graduate in the beautiful McEwan Hall.

How would you describe your programme of study to a prospective student? What is the most interesting thing about this programme?

The Engineering degree has a 60-40 % balance on academic classes and hands on experience respectively. By taking the time to learn on paper what can be done in engineering sets you up nicely for entering the lab spaces and eventually the outside world. The labs that are provided by the university show a clear representation of how things you have learnt in class work. My favourite part of the course is the renewable courses this is due to my passion in that area of engineering.

University Clubs and Societies: Describe your involvement in any student clubs and societies. What have you gained from this experience?

I have only been involved as a member of the Engineering Society, unfortunately I was unable to join any of the sporting clubs due to a long-term injury. I often wish I had tried a few more new clubs out in my first year, but whether clubs are the thing for you or not you will always find people in Edinburgh and I have ended up with a lovely group of friends.

What sort of accommodation are you living in? What do you like about it?

At the moment I am living in privately rented accommodation. I like this form of accommodation because it allows me to make Edinburgh my home and feel part of my local community. It is a 2-bed furnished flat that I share with my friend from Civil Engineering.

When entering your first year of study I would strongly recommend entering into self-catered accommodation. First year is a perfect time to get your head around how to cook for yourself and also create a positive work-life balance. By being self-catered the skills you learn can be independent.

Is there any advice you could share with new students to help them make the most of their time at Edinburgh?

Don’t overpay for accommodation. Flat prices in Edinburgh can be extortionate but don’t get caught up in the student flat prices because there are flats that don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s scary and stressful renting a flat for the first time, but I can confidently say I have never known anyone who hasn’t managed to attend university because they couldn’t get a flat.

My other bit of advice would be only taking engineering if you are truly passionate about it. Engineering is not easy, but it can be fun if it is what you are interested in and that is what has made my experience so much better.

What are you hoping to do after graduation?

When I graduate, I am hoping to enter the renewable energy industry. Being given the opportunity at Edinburgh university to study my degree with renewable energies attached to it has really set me up well for knowing where I want to be in the industry and what I need to know to be there.

Megan Bramwell
Megan Bramwell