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We are always looking for outstanding graduates to join us for postgraduate study. Our postgraduate students work closely with academics to further their careers as industrial or academic chemical engineers, or before moving into new areas.

Chemical engineering at Edinburgh

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This Research Associate (RA) position will contribute to research within the Institute for Materials and Processes at the University of Edinburgh, which is funded by EPSRC (EP/V041665/1) and in collaboration with colleagues at University of Birmingham and University College London.

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Friday, September 10, 2021

The purpose of the role is to lead on the delivery of a coherent and professional School marketing, recruitment and communications strategy, in support of the School mission and objectives.

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Friday, August 27, 2021

George Serghiou in the School of Engineering together with colleagues from the School of Geosciences and three other leading research institutions in Germany and France have identified a surprising new experimental route to bulk solid solution formation.

Figure A: Researchers have found a surprising route to the creation of new solid solutions, using elements within the so-called 'Ge-Sn system'.  Figure B: Known cubic diamond-structured Si (c-Si) and new bulk cubic diamond-structured GeSn (c-GeSn).


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