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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

To mark this year's International Women in Engineering Day, we interviewed Ewa, Alliance, Stella, Luisa, and Linda, team members of HYPED. HYPED is a student society based in the School of Engineering which works on Hyperloop technology. Hyperloop is a proposed form of future mass transport based on a network of near-vacuum steel tubes, through which magnetically levitating pods would transport humans and cargo. Pioneers of the technology have suggested that it could shorten a journey such as Edinburgh to London to 30 minutes. 

Ewa Radzanowska, Alliance Niyigena, Stella Antonogiannaki, Luisa Schrempf, and Linda di Felice of HYPED

A group of academics within our School is leading a research team which have assessed a range of face coverings to test whether they could potentially help limit the spread of Covid-19. The team made a series of findings that could aid policymakers producing guidance on the wearing of masks to help combat the virus, which can be spread in small droplets of water in people’s breath.


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