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The earliest activities can be traced back to Fleeming Jenkin (1833-85), an outstanding electrical and telegraphic cable engineer, also known for his work in establishing units of electrical measurement and for his invention of the aerial tramway. His first major engineering project was in 1855, fitting out the SS Elba at Birkenhead to retrieve a subsea electrical telegraphic cable lost in the Mediterranean. In 1861, Jenkin collaborated on the laying the Malta-Alexandria undersea cable.

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  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

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  • Digital Communications


Yuan Chen is a PhD student with the Agile Tomography Group, University of Edinburgh.

Several innovative student projects within the School have been awarded Student Experience Grants in the latest round of funding announcements, which will accelerate exciting initiatives across soft robotics, transport apps, self-driving cars and public outreach over the coming year. The grants are funded by alumni donations, and are designed to enhance student development across a wide range of academic and extracurricular areas.

Student Experience Grants


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