image reconstruction

When a load is applied to an assembly of particles and particle breakage occurs, the macroscopic behaviour of the assembly is greatly affected by changes in the micro-scale caused by breakage. In this project particle breakage is studied in 3D using x-ray tomography and simulating the process with the DEM.

Research Themes: 

  • Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure
2D slices and 3D images of the evolution of breakage in the oedometric compression test performed on zeolite granules.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Applications are invited for a postgraduate research position leading to a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering in the Institute for Digital Communications within the School of Engineering at the U

Geometric Tomography Algorithms with Partial Data Sets

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Senior Lecturer and Head of Research Institute

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  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Digital Communications



+44(0)131 6502769

I am an Electrical Engineer interested in the fitting electromagnetic data to their respective models in the context of tomographic image reconstruction and model parameter estimation.

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