Digital Communications

Institute for Digital Communications (IDCoM) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

What happens next?

Assessment of your Application

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive login details to MyEd. This allows you to update your application and is the portal through which we will communicate with you.

Step by Step Guide

Student applying for engineering degree on a laptop

Step 1: Decide what you are applying for

About King's Buildings

King's Buildings Campus, University of Edinburgh

The King's Buildings is home to several education and research organisations:

Spin Out Case Studies

Wave Making Technology - Edinburgh Designs Ltd

Advanced Wavemaker Design

Institute for Digital Communications

Researcher working in the Lifi Centre

Our programme of research delivers world leading research in communications, signal processing and imaging, from fundamental theory and algorithmic work through its translation to specific application domains, including:

Research Institutes

Electronics Research

Each of the following Research Institutes is a major centre of expertise and between them they span much of modern engineering:

MSc by Research at the School of Engineering

Heat Flux Measurement

An MSc by Research is based on a research project tailored to a candidate's interests. It lasts one year full time or two years part time.

MPhil at the School of Engineering

A group of MPhil students at the University of Edinburgh looking upwards to a camera above them

The MPhil degree resembles a PhD but generally takes two years instead of three and does not carry the same requirement for original contribution to knowledge.

Our Research Degrees

Testing advanced tomography methods in our Agile Tomography Lab at the Institute for Digital Communication

Degree Programmes and Duration


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