Infrastructure and Environment

Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Full Job Title: 

Director of Centre for Future Infrastructure

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment


Sean is Professor of Future Construction and Director of Centre for Future Infrastructure, within the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. He joined the University in June, 2020.

The aim of this project is to develop manufacturing upcycling technologies to re-use prepreg scrap and determine the resultant mechanical properties. This project mitigates the environmental impact of conventional composite manufacturing processes reducing air emissions and energy consumption. It also contributes towards a sustainable economy reducing the waste disposal fees paid by commercial companies and recovering commercial value from the composite scrap. 

Research Themes: 

  • Structural Engineering
Manufacturing process of recycled composite laminates

Researchers in the School of Engineering have helped develop innovative new technology which could transform how Scotland’s historic buildings are managed, maintained and repaired. Dr Frédéric Bosché, the School’s Senior Lecturer in Construction Informatics, has worked with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and Heriot-Watt University to develop the technology which has just been launched as a free software tool.

Image shows: Rubble masonry wall of Linlithgow Palace as analysed by the new software tool, with automatically extracted individual stones and mortar regions shown.


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