Infrastructure and Environment

Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Structural Engineering is about employing scientific principles and methodologies tempered by engineering pragmatism and judgement to conceive, analyse, design, construct, maintain, rehabilitate and decommission civil infrastructure components and systems, ensuring the safety of users and occupants over their design life, especially during times of extreme demand (fire, blast, earthquake, impact, storms, etc.).

Aberfeldy all-composite bridge

Research within this theme focuses on developing non-destructive testing, infrastructure sensing and monitoring methodologies and on evaluating and adapting promising new sensor technologies for tomorrow's smart infrastructure designs.

Modal analysis based on vibration measurement.

The multi-award winning Edinburgh Railway Group is focused on undertaking world leading research and delivering solutions to the international railway industry.

Ground borne vibrations modelling

The Granular and Geomechanical Processes Group conducts fundamental research on the mechanics of dry and wet granular materials and their interaction with industrial infrastructure, with broad applications in silo design, bulk solids handling, paste rheology, fluidisation and natural hazard mitigation.

Pilot Silo Facility

The University of Edinburgh established research in the field of Fire Safety Engineering in the early 1970s and today has the largest group of postgraduate researchers and academics specialising on fire science and fire safety engineering research in Europe.

The Edinburgh Fire Research Centre was formed over a decade ago and has forged strong links with a number of industrial partners in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Teaching and research in fire safety at Edinburgh


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