Electrical Power Conversion

Electrical Power Conversion Research Theme

Nova Innovation and IES are collaborating to design, build and test a direct drive generator for Nova’s tidal current turbine.

Research Themes: 

  • Electrical Power Conversion
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The research in this project will focus on modelling full resource-to-wire dynamic models of tidal arrays in order to investigate and optimise their operation.  The expected impact of this study is providing industry with an understanding and guidelines of the applicability of the different electrical layouts to specific locations and size of the arrays.

  • Compare different generator technologies and control theories
  • Validate models using real measured data
  • Perform harmonic analysis and accurate loss modelling based on temperature/frequency variations
  • Suggest cost-effective solutions for device developers

Research Themes: 

  • Electrical Power Conversion
Tidal Turbine

This project aims to innovate and improved solutions for the management of power flows in a hybrid electrical power system, to provide a secure, reliable, and high quality supply to varying load demands. The expected research outcome is the design of a robust and fault-tolerant management system, featuring higher efficiency and improved techno-economic performance.

  • Optimal system sizing through linear programming
  • Testing and analysis of an off-the-shelf hybrid system
  • Novel control system design for optimised performance
  • Lab testing and field testing

Research Themes: 

  • Electrical Power Conversion
Diesel Generator

Wave energy has a great potential as renewable source of electricity. Studies have demonstrated that significant percentage of world electricity could be produced by Wave Energy Converters (WECs). However electricity generation from waves still lacks of spreading because the combination of harsh environment and form of energy makes the technical development of cost effective WECs particularly difficult.

Research Themes: 

  • Electrical Power Conversion
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Research Assistant

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  • Energy Systems



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Anup is a sustainability enthusiast specialising in renewable power generation in the electrical power system.


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