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Academics at the School of Engineering and the School of Geosciences have re-launched the world’s first free open online course exploring how carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) can be used to tackle climate change.

CCS MOOC graphic, the world in our hands

Ruben Bravo, a PhD student in the Institute for Energy Systems, has won an award for a presentation he delivered at the 3rd Annual Conference in Energy Storage and Its Applications from the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy. In addition, he was awarded a grant to collaborate with researchers at the University of Seville on the optimisation of solar power plants with thermochemical storage.

Ruben Bravo receiving his award

Energy represents a substantial, broad, and highly interdisciplinary theme within the College of Science and Engineering, which includes: the discovery of new materials for energy harvesting, generation, storage, and transformation (Chemistry and Physics); the development of new devices incorporating new materials and energy technologies (Engineering); the efficient and robust delivery of diverse forms of energy (Engineering, Informatics, and Mathematics); the study and mitigation of the impact of energy generation on climate and natural resources (GeoSciences); and the formulation of policy and governance required to ensure a secure and sustainable energy system (GeoSciences, Informatics, Mathematics).

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Monday, October 15, 2018


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