Offshore Renewable Energy

Offshore Renewable Energy Research Theme

Energy represents a substantial, broad, and highly interdisciplinary theme within the College of Science and Engineering, which includes: the discovery of new materials for energy harvesting, generation, storage, and transformation (Chemistry and Physics); the development of new devices incorporating new materials and energy technologies (Engineering); the efficient and robust delivery of diverse forms of energy (Engineering, Informatics, and Mathematics); the study and mitigation of the impact of energy generation on climate and natural resources (GeoSciences); and the formulation of policy and governance required to ensure a secure and sustainable energy system (GeoSciences, Informatics, Mathematics).

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Monday, October 15, 2018
Dr Arturo Ortega Malca

Full Job Title: 

Research Associate

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Mechanical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Energy Systems


Arturo Ortega is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Currently, he is working in numerical simulation of wind and tidal turbines.

As part of its wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary research portfolio in renewable energy, IES operates the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility, a £12M, state-of-the-art, circular wave and current basin. FloWave is a globally unique test-bed for marine energy devices and for fundamental studies of multi-directional wave and wave current interactions. The successful candidate will have a track record of excellent research in one or more of the following topics: non-linear wave hydrodynamics, wave-current interaction, ocean wave/current statistics, marine energy devices, ship manoeuvrability, floating platforms, offshore fluid-structure interaction, and mooring dynamics. In due course, the successful candidate will undertake teaching duties in Mechanical Engineering.

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Closing Date: 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


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