Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Research Theme

The GECOMPL project aims to enable wider adoption of generalised plasticity models in practical applications. More specifically, the project proposes a detailed study of the formulation of both existing and new elastoplastic constitutive laws in the framework of generalised continua, leading to a better understanding of the different possible constitutive models and providing both the necessary theoretical basis and the appropriate numerical tools needed to use generalised continuum models in describing elastoplastic behaviour.

Research Themes: 

  • Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure
  • Structural Engineering
Examples of localisation behaviour for different types of Cosserat finite elements

Many congratulations to Alastair Bartlett, a 2014 MEng Graduate in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering from the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, who has been awarded the 2014 Student Scholar Award from the Educational and Scientific Foundation of the Society of Fire Pro

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