Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Research Theme

Structural Engineering is about employing scientific principles and methodologies tempered by engineering pragmatism and judgement to conceive, analyse, design, construct, maintain, rehabilitate and decommission civil infrastructure components and systems, ensuring the safety of users and occupants over their design life, especially during times of extreme demand (fire, blast, earthquake, impact, storms, etc.).

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The recently refurbished Structures Test Hall is our high-headroom lab for testing large and unusual structural assemblies.

The strong floor and reaction frame systems give great versatility in the types of test that we can carry out, and we have a state of the art Instron actuator system for applying two independent loads under precise computer control.

The Structures Lab

The foundation of our research is our expertise in civil engineering structures (such as bridges and buildings) and a detailed understanding of the mechanics of constructions materials (such as steel and concrete).

Structures modelling

Research Institutes

Electronics Research

Each of the following Research Institutes is a major centre of expertise and between them they span much of modern engineering:


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