The AI Hub for Causality in Healthcare AI with Real Data

Causal Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to unlocking robust, responsible, and trustworthy AI, and meeting challenges such as early prediction, diagnosis, and prevention of disease.

The CHAI Hub* unites an international consortium of universities, industry partners, government bodies, and regulatory entities. Our partnership aims to co-create causal AI solutions that have the potential to ease pressures on resource-constrained healthcare systems, while positioning the UK as a leader in responsible and impactful AI development.

Our Hub will:

  1. Build a comprehensive AI platform specifically to address unique research and technical challenges in healthcare.
  2. Foster an expandable ecosystem for the co-creation, development, evaluation, and translation of next-gen AI solutions.
  3. Facilitate the adoption of Causal AI in healthcare, by promoting innovation and commercialisation.
  4. Cultivate new skills and equip thought leaders through workshops and training initiatives.
  5. Ensure that societal and ethical considerations, including patient and public involvement are prioritised.

*led by the University of Edinburgh, with co-leads from the University of Manchester, Imperial College London, University College London, King’s College London, and the University of Exeter.

A doctor showing a patient something on a laptop with a hologram graphic demonstrating Artificial Intelligence AI in healthcare
Image credit: metamorworks via Getty Images

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