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Rheology of Dense Suspension System containing Frictional and Frictionless Particles

Dr. Jin Sun

From cement and ceramic pastes to paints and drilling fluids, dense suspensions of solid particles immersed in a liquid are ubiquitous in industries.   Understanding the rheology of dense suspensions is important for explaining and predicting the multiphase flow behavior in traditional and innovative industrial processes. In this project, DEM simulations are employed to understand the rheology of suspensions containing different particles with different surface properties.

Measurement and modelling of powder flow in flexible containers

Prof. Jin Ooi

The research focuses on understanding cohesive powder flow in flexible bulk solid containers (buggies and bulk bags) with a view to develop a design methodology for ensuring reliable discharge from these containers. The project involves experimental powder flowability characterisation, finite element analysis of the stresses in flexible containers and pilot scale experiments to study the powder flow field and validate the new design methodology for reliable discharge.

Models for manufacturing of particulate products

Professor Jin Ooi

This project aims to create a generally applicable framework for transferring academic innovations in the modelling of particulate materials into industrial practice in the UK. The process of twin-screw granulation has been selected as an exemplar industrial process which is simulated across multiple scales using the coupled methods of population balance modelling and the discrete element method.

Using short-ranged repulsion to tune suspension viscosity and shear thickening

Dr. Jin Sun

Dense suspensions of solid particles exhibit rich and fascinating flow behaviour.

Multiscale characterisation of randomly oriented board strand composites from re-used prepreg scrap

Francisca Martinez Hergueta

The aim of this project is to develop manufacturing upcycling technologies to re-use prepreg scrap and determine the resultant mechanical properties. This project mitigates the environmental impact of conventional composite manufacturing processes reducing air emissions and energy consumption. It also contributes towards a sustainable economy reducing the waste disposal fees paid by commercial companies and recovering commercial value from the composite scrap. 


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