Mixed Matrix Membranes for post combustion carbon capture of CO2

Membrane processes are a promising alternative to the more classical post-combustion capture technologies due to the reduced maintenance of the process, the absence of dangerous solvents and their smaller footprint. This project aims at supporting the development of new mixed matrix membranes for post-combustion applications. Mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) are composite materials formed by embedding inorganic fillers into a polymeric matrix in order to overcome the upper bound and combine the characteristics of the two solid phases: mechanical properties, economical processing capabilities and permeability of the polymer and selectivity of the filler. Despite several studies on the concept, the interactions between the two phases and their effect on the transport properties are not well understood. Yet, this fundamental knowledge is crucial in order to design the reliable materials needed for real-world-applications.

Membranes with improved permeability and selectivity for CO2 are essential for making membrane separation processes economical and viable for carbon capture applications. This research will result in the development of new mixed matrix membranes with improved transport properties for CO2. The study at the lab-scale is necessary to understand the interactions between the two different classes of materials and the performances of the composite.  The results will inform which of the materials can be considered for the production of fibres for the real module and then for the scale-up. The availability of real data on the separation performance of the material will also help the assessment of the real cost of capture.   This study is focussed on materials for post-combustion and the insight gained into mixed matrices formation and materials compatibilities will help the development of composites also for pre-combustion that are indicated at a LOK 2-3 in the AIT on Pre-combustion, with a medium priority.

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Dr. Elsa Lasseuguette

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  • Materials and Processes

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  • Carbon Capture and Separation Processes

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