Modelling and management of distribution networks using high-resolution synchronised measurements

This project will develop improved methodologies and tools for assessing and providing more detailed information on complex system-user interactions, which will be further implemented in an integrated framework for system state identification, system or plant/component condition assessment and evaluation of the overall system performance (all currently performed in a number of separate studies).

The project will have three main parts:

  • Identification, specification and implementation of the required monitoring infrastructure, based on the use of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) at distribution network level
  • Formulation of more accurate and versatile aggregate network, load and distributed generation/storage models
  • More confident identification and application of optimal control/management, operation and maintenance strategies

A PMU-based methodology for accurate modelling of system demands at distribution network level for both steady state and transient system analysis will be developed, facilitating accurate identification of demand composition and demand profiling at distribution network buses of interest. The proposed project will provide required inputs for establishing a real-time (or close-to-real-time) control and management strategies, capable of matching supply with demand in the most secure, safe, affordable and sustainable ways. This will help to identify, model and realise the most effective pathways for decarbonising and improving overall efficiency and performance of electricity supply systems.

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  • Energy Systems

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  • Power Systems

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