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  • Edinburgh Coffee Crawl

    Summer makes this city extraordinarily beautiful especially when it is embraced by sunshine. Edinburgh is the city where I fell in love with coffee. Last month, one of my friends was leaving Edinburgh and as coffer lovers, my friends decided to go for a coffee crawl before he left.

  • Celebrating Eid with Friends in Edinburgh

    The 20-hour fasting (vs. ~14 hours back home) experience is priceless. Having iftaar at the mosque then teraweeh, exchanging food for iftaar with the sisters - these are the things that made us closer. From strangers we became friends, and the bond just gets stronger.

  • Studying together in the library

    After finishing exams it is difficult to immediately start your dissertation although it is necessary and something that you know you need to do. This is really different from the rest of the year since you are on your own when it comes to writing your dissertation.

  • Graduate ceremony at Usher Hall

    Warning: This post does not contain any events related either to the University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering, city of Edinburgh or Scotland. Be prepared, the content might be an emotional one.

  • Ting Thai Caravan - Edinburgh

    Being broke at one point or another (or constantly) is an integral part of a student’s lifestyle. That’s why today’s post will be about where to go for lunch and not spend a fortune when you’re at the main library or somewhere else at the central campus.

  • Glencoe

    After having started my dissertation, I took a week-end off with some friends to visit the Isle of Skye, one of the furthest parts of Scotland from Edinburgh. The experience started immediately after leaving Edinburgh.


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