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  • City of Edinburgh in the evening

    Edinburgh is too beautiful for anyone to just sit around at home on weekends!” This is the motto I live by since I got here. It’s quite easy to follow even for a not-so-outdoorsy girl like me. But fall is already here.

  • Winter is Coming

    The end of October came with not just Halloween and various deadlines as well. Life in October was much busier than last month.

  • Arthur's Seat at sunset

    My family and some friends told me that settling in a new country would be a very complex and intense process and that it would take me some time to get used to living and studying here in Edinburgh. Well, those weren’t exactly their words.

  • Arriving in Edinburgh!

    6 months ago I actually wouldn't have imagined myself being here, I was applying for many different scholarships hoping for the best, yet I actually didn't believe that I might be able to attend this year's MSc Sustainable Energy Systems programme.


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