Freya Bretton, MEng Chemical Engineering

What attracted you to the University of Edinburgh and this programme, in particular?

I was initially attracted to the University of Edinburgh because Edinburgh is a beautiful city, with lots to do – especially for students. The University of Edinburgh is also a well renowned university, with a fantastic global reputation.

I chose chemical engineering because when I was in school, I thoroughly enjoyed maths and chemistry. However, I also enjoyed being creative and problem solving, and chemical engineering seemed to be a good combination of these things! 

What do you wish you'd worried about less about coming to university?

I wish I had worried less about making friends. Everyone is in the same position as you, in a new environment, in a new subject and most people are very eager to talk about that! 

What one thing would you recommend new students at the University of Edinburgh do?

Take the time to explore the city. It really is a wonderful place to live and there are many hidden nooks and crannies to be found.

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about your programme?

I find managing my workload to be the most challenging thing about my degree.The most rewarding part is when you finally solve a difficult problem you’ve been working on.

What is your favourite course so far and why?

My favourite course so far is Chemical Engineering Design because it’s a chance to put all your years of learning theory to use and design something.

How would you describe the practical elements of the programme?

The laboratories have been very useful in teaching me practical chemical engineering skills and teaching me to think on my feet.

Can you tell us of any personal of professional achievements during your studies?

During my degree, I have managed to secure two internships. These have taught me a lot of practical skills that have been useful in my degree. It also gave me an insight into different industries.

How is your programme equipping you for your future career?

The industrial placement in 5th year is a great way to expose students to industry and many of my classmates in the year above me are really enjoying their experience at a company.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying at the University of Edinburgh?

Don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions you might have. Staff and students are more than happy to speak with you, and there are no silly questions. There are many great avenues to do this such as Open Days/ Offer Holder Days/ online Q&A sessions.