Jack Robinson, MEng Chemical Engineering

Why did you choose your degree at Edinburgh, and what did you enjoy most about studying it?

I chose Edinburgh because of its reputation and the city in which the University lies. Coming from a rural village with a vibrant atmosphere (Lochgoilhead in Argyll), I had to try and mirror my living environment – Edinburgh did not disappoint.

The most enjoyable part about the programme was the industrial visits and being able to put theory into practice. For example, amazing plant engineering and fluid mechanics lectures with regards to pump operation.

What is it like being a student at Edinburgh, and have there been any particular highlights or standout memories?

There are plenty of interesting clubs and societies within the University. The nightlife is great and you are only a few minutes from nature when you need some fresh air.

Is there anything the University or School of Engineering offers which has enhanced your experience as a student?

The School of Engineering hosts networking events and careers days which I have found invaluable. As a student I found it difficult to place my self in a single area that I would like to work. These events did a great job of targeting where I might like to work from talking with industry representatives.

Do you know what you plan to do after graduation? How has your time at Edinburgh helped to shape or further your career goals?

My next step is to become a chartered chemical and process engineer. At Edinburgh the lecturers motivate students towards enhancing their skills. 

Thinking back to your time as a fresher, is there any advice you would share with new students starting at the School of Engineering next term?

Really pay attention to the “basics”, if you don’t things will get tricky. The more work you put in during the earlier years, the easier your studies will be later! Everything can be derived from first principles, take things back to basics and then add things on. This is a good life skill for whenever things get tricky too! 

That being said - don’t forget to have fun! A healthy work-life balance is the key to success.

Jack Robinson on placement at Girvan Distillery
Jack Robinson on placement at Girvan Distillery