Kang Fu, BEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Why did you choose your degree at Edinburgh, and what did you enjoy most about studying it?

I am a student on the 2+2 joint programme between North China Electric Power University and the University of Edinburgh. Compared to a modern city like Manchester and London, I prefer quiet cities with beautiful scenery - and Edinburgh is a great example of this. 

The 2+2 programme involves spending two years in China and two years in Edinburgh. During this period, I have experienced different education modes, which has greatly broadened my horizons. 

In my spare time, I’ve had the chance to travel to many UK cities and have gained a deep understanding of UK people and life.

What is it like being a student at Edinburgh, and have there been any particular highlights or standout memories?

Edinburgh is a great city for living and studying.  There are various activities, organised by EUSA (the student union) for freshers to participate in, to help them adapt to life in Edinburgh. Besides, there are over 300 student societies representing a wide ranges of interests. I can assure that you can find people with the same interest. 

Scotland is a fascinating place for ski lovers. I spent one day in Glencoe Ski Resort, which was an unforgettable day in my memory of life in the UK.  

The Edinburgh Hogmanay is another great activity you cannot miss. On New Year’s Eve, people from all over the world go to Princes Street for drinking and dancing, before an eight-minute firework show celebrates the coming of the new year. All the people scream and hug those around them to express their happiness.

The University is supportive of all students, regardless of your nationality. This year (2020), Covid-19 has swept over the world. The University began a fund to help students who have suffered as a result of the pandemic, while accommodation automatically extended leases without charge. This is quiet and warm action during this unprecedented time.   

Is there anything the University or School of Engineering offers which has enhanced your experience as a student?

As a world-famous university, University of Edinburgh can provide you with the best academic training. 

The School of Engineering has put great emphasis on gaining hands-on experience through experiments, for example. This is a good way for me to apply what I learn in class into practice. 

The School of Engineering has also provided summer internships for second-year and third-year students. This is a great opportunity to gain a close insight into research work. 

Do you know what you plan to do after graduation? How has your time at Edinburgh helped to shape or further your career goals?

Next, I am pursuing a Master’s in communications systems at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.  

The courses offered by the School of Engineering are detailed and comprehensive, including signal and communication, power engineering and microelectronics. Most of the content on my CV is derived from my education at Edinburgh. 

The lab courses in particular were most helpful. They can be regarded as an individual project and have enhanced my overall capacity for research.

Thinking back to your time as a fresher, is there any advice you would share with new students starting at the School of Engineering next term?

Be brave and be an extrovert. Do not let shyness dominate your life. People in Edinburgh are friendly and like to make friends from different cultures. 

Study is important, but not your whole life. I strongly encourage new students to participate in the activities on offer. This will help you make many friends and experience other cultures. 

Kang Fu at Old College, University of Edinburgh
Kang Fu at Old College, University of Edinburgh