Sutejas Chari, BEng Mechanical Engineering with Management

Why did you choose your degree at Edinburgh, and what did you enjoy most about studying it?

I had originally chosen to pursue physics, however, the ability to combine engineering and management, thus combining my interest in physical sciences with my passion for entrepreneurship, led me to take up the courses in mechanical engineering and management.

The final year group and individual dissertations were a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in academic research and key organisational skills.  

What is it like being a student at Edinburgh, and have there been any particular highlights or standout memories?

For me, studying at Edinburgh has allowed me to learn at my own pace – which I believe has been crucial. The School of Engineering is there to support you if you need it, but I never felt forced to attend something I did not want to. Your university experience can be what you make it. 

Is there anything the University or School of Engineering offers which has enhanced your experience as a student?

I was fortunate enough to benefit from the year abroad programme that the University offers. Spending a year in California allowed me to have new experiences and develop a firmer view of my future, while exploring even more potential interests. 

Do you know what you plan to do after graduation? How has your time at Edinburgh helped to shape or further your career goals?

The ability to engage in a wide variety of interests, such as entrepreneurship-related events, has allowed me to form a clear idea of what I want to do after university, and that is pursuing management consulting. 

Thinking back to your time as a fresher, is there any advice you would share with new students starting at the School of Engineering next term?

My single word of advice would be to try as much as you can, especially in your first two years. Join as many clubs and societies as you can handle and find your interests and passions. 

Sutejas Chari
Sutejas Chari