Will Lewis, MEng Mechanical Engineering

What attracted you to the University of Edinburgh and this programme, in particular?

I had been set on studying mechanical engineering from the start, it mixed my interests in physics and mathematics well. In the end, my choices came down to Edinburgh versus Bristol. Being from Cardiff, Edinburgh always felt like the more interesting city being so far away.

What do you wish you'd worried about less about coming to university?

My accommodation. When I got news of where I would be staying in the first year I was worried about the location because it wasn’t one I had chosen.  In the end, however, the people I met there ended up becoming my best friends at university.

What one thing would you recommend new students at the University of Edinburgh do?

Join plenty of societies and get involved! I wish I did sooner, now being in my third year I can see what I was missing out on. With so many to choose from too, there is something for everyone.

Any student wisdom you'd like to pass on?

A bit boring perhaps but keep an eye on your money. I tried the big boring spreadsheets in first year but it never worked for me. Personally, I do a much better job by keeping a mental tally each week knowing what have been the big expenses that week. 

What aspects of student life do you enjoy the most and why?

Watching sports with my friends! Edinburgh has some great sports pubs and bars, the six nations is always the best.

What do you most like about studying here?       

I love the green space in Edinburgh, it has the most of any UK city and when summer rolls around everybody's out and about enjoying it.

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about your programme?

A lot of the concepts I study are linked to real-world applications of science and mathematics which can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around but when you understand them it's amazing to be able to go out and apply that knowledge in everyday life.

What is your favourite course so far and why?

Fluid Dynamics 2 normally comes to mind, it might sound a bit boring from the name but an introduction to how fluids actually worked was very interesting to me as well as the fact that so much in the field is still not fully understood.

How would you describe the practical elements of the programme?

I’d say the answers in the name, it’s practical. Being able to confidently take apart, understand, and then reassemble engines for example, gives you such a great sense of accomplishment.

What are your tips for student life in Edinburgh?

Start thinking about accommodation early on, it’ll creep up on you and if you’re not careful it can be a real pain, but it doesn’t have to be!

Can you tell us of any personal or professional achievements during your studies?

The mindset change I’ve gone through during my time has been significant. I now feel confident managing my time and reaching the goals I set for myself. Now beginning to apply for summer internships, I feel self-assured that I have skills and qualities to offer.

How is your programme equipping you for your future career?

There’s a really big focus at the university on equipping students with the skills they need to go into industry. People like to say that university won't actually prepare you for these issues but it simply isn't true. The amount of support I receive through the careers service for example is amazing and I really do feel optimistic about my career after university.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying at the University of Edinburgh?

Come visit the city before making your choice! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do so because it made a big difference for me and it will for you too.