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  • Communications systems are fundamental to our lives and underpin the internet which is becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

    Our programme of research tackles both theoretical and fundamental communications problems as well as more practical issues of implementing and improving communications systems. Our work addresses a wide range of technologies including wireline, radio frequency and optical communications systems, as well as improving communications interfaces.

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  • Signal processing can be found in almost all modern technology. The algorithms underpinning mobile communications, medical imaging, image rendering for games and many other technologies were all developed within the global signal and image processing research community

    Our programme of research delivers world leading research in signal and image processing from fundamental theoretical and algorithmic work through to its translation to specific audio, video, radar/sonar, and medical imaging applications.

    Syntheitc Aperture Radar (SAR) image using fast back projection

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  • Tomography is the method that underlies medical scanners, which are mostly large, fixed installations, e.g. for X-ray CT scanning and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Fundamentally, the portability and adaptability of any tomography system depends on the nature of the measurement process that it exploits, and it turns out that many tomography systems are "agile" in these respects

    Research into Agile Tomography by ERPE Academics applies the tomographic method to many different problems by extending the technology of the method using:

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