IMP Keynote Seminar: Influence of the microstructure and wettability on phase change in boiling


Classroom 3, Sanderson Building


Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 13:00

This week we are pleased to host Prof. Andrea Luke from Universität Kasel. Andrea will be giving the Keynote seminar today. In case you want to have a meeting with her please let me know and I will try arranging a time.


Influence of the microstructure and wettability on phase change in boiling

Characteristic features of the surface have to be considered for the heat and mass transfer in boiling and other phase change processes for better understanding the fundamental mechanisms. New developments in measurement techniques and

computer calculations offer the possibility to receive very accurate data of the roughness and the surface topography and wetting conditions. The presentation will focus of some recent experimental and modelling results of the treatment, measurement and analysis of surface topographies and their wettability. The microstructure of different heating surfaces is measured before and after the heat transfer measurements. A survey of different measurement techniques for the surface topography and the typical roughness parameter with their definition acc. To standard and to boiling literature are given. Different types of microstructure are investigated by different new 3-dimensional roughness measurement techniques without contacting the surface - such as deterministic emery ground surfaces, stochastic sandblasted surfaces and milled surfaces as results of commercial manufacturing processes as well. The method open the possibility to get more detailed information for the cavities in their 3-diimensional form, as it will be shown by selected examples. The microscopic structure with all its peaks and cavities influences directly the wetting condition of the heated surface by the fluid and therefore the phase change process and the heat transfer. Recent results of hydrocarbons boiling on plain tubes with varying surface structures are discussed. Finally, the influence of the surface topography on other phase change processes are presented (e.g. sorption and desorption phenomena in multiphase systems).


Andrea Luke is a Full Professor and the Head of the Institute of Technical Thermodynamic at University of Kassel. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Heat and Mass Transfer (Springer Verlag). She serves and chairs several technical committees within the EU.

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