Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) Lecture and Graduate Opportunies Talk


Hudson Beare Building, Lecture Theatre 2, King's Buildings


Monday, February 15, 2016 - 15:00

As part of our Innovative Learning Week activities, Mahesh Dayal and Jim McPhillimy from Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) will visit us to deliver a Lecture on the Reinforcement of SHE Transmission Network. They will also present Graduate Development Programmes and Opportunities within SSE.


  1. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE): An Introduction
  2. SHE-Transmission Reinforcement Programme and Planning of the Transmission Network
  3. Graduate Engineer Experience at SSE

All interested Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD students, Academic and Research staff are warmly invited to attend.

Lecture Theatre 2 in Hudson Beare Building is big enough, so you can attend without registering.

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