IMP Seminar (Dr Matjaz Vidmar): Between NanoSpace and The New Real - Mapping Open Engineering Practices


Classroom 2, Sanderson Building


Tuesday, August 16, 2022 - 13:00 to 14:00

Speaker: Dr Matjaz Vidmar is Lecturer in Engineering Management at the University of Edinburgh. He is researching innovation, entrepreneurship and futures design, especially the space industry, artificial intelligence and data-driven economy. He leads projects ranging from designing geostationary space station to growing food in space, several start-up companies and public engagement with STE(A)M. More at


The R&D landscape has changed dramatically and the past decade(s) has been marked with openness and agility. However, between macro-level Open Innovation and micro-level Open Source development there is a missing (meso-level) piece - how do we comprehensively understand and facilitate networked, collaborative development pathways?  In this talk I outline a novel Open Engineering model, combining a) living laboratory configuration(s) for aligning stakeholders' trends, capabilities and capacities, b) using (futures) design to manage new product development process, c) deploying collaborative methodologies for knowledge management, and d) applying innovation moments to understand and shape learning. This is framed into a critical methodology for impactful and responsible research and innovation (RRI), linked to case studies within the fields of Space and Satellite technology and AI-powered data analysis in climate-related interventions, thus paving the way for Open Engineering to (re-)make technological and societal systems.

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