Inaugural Lecture of Dr Doug Baney, Honorary Visiting Professor


Alder Lecture Theatre, Nucleus Building, King’s Buildings, University of Edinburgh


Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 17:30 to 19:00

Illuminating Our World: The Ubiquity and Versatility of Lasers and Interferometers

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Lasers are no longer a mere technical curiosity, having transformed our modern world in countless ways since their first demonstration in 1960.

This talk will explore the amazing versatility of lasers when combined with interferometers, special optical devices that can measure tiny changes in light waves.

With interferometry, lasers have enabled a broad set of applications, from laser mice to measuring the smallest movements on Earth and detecting ripples in the fabric of spacetime.

Join us for an illuminating discussion on how the magical combination of lasers and interferometers is revolutionizing sensing and communication in ways never before possible.


Doug Baney has over 30 years of experience in R&D and applied research with HP, Agilent, and Keysight Technologies in Silicon Valley. This led to many new and novel products in the fields of millimeter waves and photonics including the development of the first globally commercialized laser mouse.

He holds 246 US and international patents, and numerous publications being cited over 2,300 times, and served as General Co-Chair of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and General Co-Chair of the Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications Conference.

In his current role as Corporate Director of Education, he develops engagements with universities worldwide. He is an Honorary Visiting Professor with The University of Edinburgh, an Adjunct Professor with the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Fellow of the IEEE.

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Dr Doug Baynes
Dr Doug Baynes
scientific figure demonstrating lidar with lasers beam slitters, mirros and detectors
Illuminating Our World: The Ubiquity and Versatility of Lasers and Interferometers

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