Pure LiFi to be used in American Basketball Stadium

The Golden State Warriors basketball team will open a new high-tech sports and entertainment complex in San Francisco in 2018, containting Li-Fi technology that was developed by Professor Harald Haas. The new stadium is to be equipped with features such as LiFi streetlamps that transmit data to people passing beneath them and floor tiles that generate electricity when people walk on them. The 12-acre sports and entertainment complex will contain space for retail, restaurants and parks and will play host to not only Warriors games but also concerts and other events.

"Light years ahead

One of the more futuristic technologies being explored by the Warriors is known as LiFi. The technology uses light to transmit data, letting users do things like stream Internet video to a TV from a light in the ceiling.

LiFi works by attaching an Ethernet-wired ceiling-based device to a standard LED light. The data about to be beamed through the air are sent to that bulb, which is instructed to flicker millions of times per second to communicate a signal -- kind of like an extremely speedy morse code. The light signal - which looks identical to a normal light - is picked up by a receiver.

In the case of the new Warriors complex, LiFi could be implemented in lampposts outside the arena, passing information to people as they walk nearby."

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