MakerSpace@Eng - a new maker space for Engineering students

Our Vision

We are delighted to present our plans to create a new Maker Space (MakerSpace@Eng) within the School of Engineering for our students.

Our vision is to provide a creative and functional space where students can practise, create and innovate. MakerSpace@Eng will be a place for our students to grow and learn in a stimulating, bespoke environment, engaging in hands-on projects where they will have the opportunity to bring their learning to life and transform ideas into three-dimensional reality.

Students will use MakerSpace@Eng to work on a wide range of projects, from developing Hyperloop technology and constructing electric racing cars to creating wind turbines for local charities and building rockets.

MakerSpace@Eng will be a space that encourages and supports creativity, community and collaboration, where students can solve problems, put into practice the theory they have learned in class, and share resources including parts, components, materials and knowledge. This in turn will lead to reduced costs for individual projects.

It will also be a place where we can welcome visitors to the School to showcase our activity, encouraging school visitors and the engineers of tomorrow to study at Edinburgh.

The positive effect of this new space on student morale and satisfaction will be enormous, and we hope that our alumni and friends will want to support our students by investing in their skills and employability and donating to the Maker Space project.

We hope to have the MakerSpace@Eng ready for September 2020.

How you can help

If you would like to support MakerSpace@Eng and help us reach our fundraising target of £500,000, you can make a donation through our Vision Engineering Fund:

Further Information

If you would like to discuss your support of the project in more detail, please contact Caroline Campbell.

Computer generated representative image of the MakerSpace@Eng
HYPED Hyperloop pod on show with crowd asking questions of Engineering students
HYPED Hyperloop pod on display
Formula Student at work in the Mechanical Workshop
Formula Student at welding in the Mechanical Workshop