Dr Alexantrou Serb

Reader in Unconventional AI Hardware Technologies



1.24C Murchison House

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Engineering Discipline: 

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Integrated Micro and Nano Systems
Dr. Alexander Serb
Dr. Alexander Serb


Dr. Serb is a reader in Unconventional AI Hardware Technologies at the University of Edinburgh. He is a MIET and SMIEEE. He has led a grant portfolio of  ~£2M worth of projects, including a DSTL contract for studying the feasibility of adiabatic capacitive neural networks and the UKRI New Investigator Award "ANAGRAM". He has further been a co-investigator in UKRI MINDS CDT. He has supervised 20+ PhD students and 6× postdocs. His research interests span across circuit and system design and AI, with particular focus on emerging technologies such as memimpedance elements. He has published 50+ journal articles and 50+ conference papers, and filed 5× patents. Furthermore, he is co-founder and CTO of ArC instruments ltd., a company that manufactures instrumentation for memimpedance device characterisation and testing (https://www.arc-instruments.co.uk/).

Academic Qualifications: 

PhD degree in EEE - Imperial college, London, 2014.

MEng degree in BioMedical engineering - Imperial college, London, 2009.

Professional Qualifications and Memberships: 

MIET - Member of the IET

SMIEEE - Senior member of the IEEE


ELEE0916 - Engineering software 3