Dr Elsa Lasseuguette

Research Fellow



+44(0)131 6505693


1.196E Fleeming Jenkin

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Research Institute: 

  • Materials and Processes

Research Theme: 

  • Institute for Materials and Processes Themes
  • Carbon Capture and Separation Processes


My research to date has focused on environmental issues with the development of new materials to improve existing processes (reduced energy costs, alternative to petroleum derivatives) in partnership with industry and academia. And especially since 5 years, I am working on the improvement of CO2 capture process with membrane technology.

Academic Qualifications: 

  • Printing Engineering, Master of Engineering Materials science, Master in Science, INPG, CNRS, LGP2 Process Engineering Laboratory, Grenoble, France
  • Materials science, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), INPG, CNRS, LGP2 Process Engineering Laboratory, Grenoble,


  • Membrane development for gas separation and nanofiltration, Membrane characterisations, Carbon Capture and Storage, Polymer characterisations

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