Dr Martin Sweatman




+44(0)131 6513573


1.105 Sanderson Building

Personal Page: 

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Chemical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Materials and Processes

Research Theme: 

  • Carbon Capture and Separation Processes
  • Systems Modelling from Atoms to Processes

Academic Qualifications: 

  • PhD Theoretical Physics, University of Bristol, 1995

Research Interests: 

Statistical Mechanics in Chemical Engineering

The properties of matter, important in industry and nature, can be determined via statistical mechanical calculations, such as molecular simulations and classical density functional theory. Ultimately, the aim is to understand and predict the behaviour of matter for a wide range of applications, from new processes for carbon capture to self-assembly of bio-material templates to prediction of gas hydrate formation.


  • Statistical mechanics, classical DFT, molecular simulation, carbon capture