Miss Gunel Aghabayli




Alrick Building

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Engineering Discipline: 

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Energy Systems

Research Theme: 

  • Institute for Energy Systems Themes
  • Energy Storage and Carbon Capture


Chemistry & Chemical Engineering graduate with over a year’s industrial experience, who is currently working as Research/ teaching assistant at engineering department in the one of the best universities in home country and doing her PhD at University of Edinburgh . A highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multi -tasking and organizational skills. Able to exhibit confidentiality, discretion, tact, diplomacy and professionalism when dealing with directors or senior managers. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and is experienced in coordinating, planning and organizing a wide range of administrative activities. Well organized and an excellent team player with a proven ability to work proactively in a complex and busy office environment. 

Academic Qualifications: 

1. Undergraduate degree- Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov (Applied Chemistry)

2. Postgraduate degree- The University of Birmingham ( Advanced Chemical Engineering) 

Research Theme: "Corrosion Prevention for molten salt phase change material"

Professional Qualifications and Memberships: 

1. Graduate member of SPE Global

2. Graduate member of ASME

3. Student member of IChemE

4. Graduate member of Caspian Engineers Society :

5. Professional member of Council of Young Scientists and Researchers 

6. Graduate member of International Association of Engineers -IAENG

7. Student member of EI


Research Interests: 


1. "Oxidation three cyclic olefins air oxygen with participation of the metal-
containing high-dispersed carbon materials"  
N. I. Garibov, G. B. Agabeyli, H.M. Alimardanov, O.A.Sadygov.

2. Liquid-phase homogeneous catalytic oxidation of C6-C8 of cycloolefins by air oxygen in the presence of bifunctional compounds of the transitional metals.
Garibov N. I., Agabeyli G. B., Shafiyeva R. N., Alimardanov H.M.

3. Synthesis of the highest spiroacetals on the basis of ketopentamethylene and
C2-C4-diols in the presence of the modified forms of natural zeolites of
Agabeyli. G.B., Kerimova. P.E., Alimardanov. H.M.

4. Induced oxidation tetrahydroindene and 5-vinilnorbornena air oxygen in the
presence of metal-containing carbon materials.
Alimardanov H.M. Sadygov O. A. Garibov N. I. Agabeyli G. B., Dadasheva N.R, Almardanov M. B.

G.B. Agabeyli, I.X. Murtuzayev, E.N. Efremenko

6. The condensation of C3-C7 alkyl, dialkyl and cyclic alkyl substituted cyclopentanone with ethylene glycol in the presence of rare earth containing polyoxometalates.
Alimardanov H.M. Agabeyli G. B., Dadasheva N.R, Rzayeva N.A, Djafarova R.A.

7. Peroxocomplexes Contaning Rare Earth Elements as Effective Catalysts of Oxidation Reaction of Mono and Bicyclic Unsaturated Hydrocarbons with Hydrogene Peroxide.

Alimardanov H.M. Agabeyli G. B., Dadasheva N.R, Sadiqov O.A., Qaribov N.I., Quliyev A.D., Huseynova M.E.

8. Corrosion Prevention for molten salt phase change material

Aghabayli Gunel, Lomonosov Conference 2017 


1. Baku Engineering University - Research/teaching assistant/Student Adviser - (01.02.17-current)

2. Qafqaz University -Research/teaching assistant ( 01.11.16 – 30.01.17)

3. Scientific Institute of Petrochemical Processes - Researcher (11.09.13 - 27.09.15)

4. Caspian Engineers Society -Team Leader & PR Manager (01.04.13 – 01.09.15)

5. Holcim-Azerbaijan (Cementing Company) - Chemical Engineer, (placement) (01.07.13 – 10.09.13)

6. Institute of Petrochemical Processes - Chemist-(Dissertation project) (01.09.13 – 19.06.13)

7. Baku Oil Refinery Company - Chemical Engineer, (placement) (01.07.12 – 12.09.12)

8. Workshops/ Trainings/Internships:

  • Az Me Co
  • Azərkimya İB
  • AzərNeftYağ
  • Baku Oil Refinery
  • BP,Sanghachal
  • “Ekol Engineering Services” CJSC
  • Holcim-Azerbaijan
  • Baker Hughes
  • Halliburton
  • Baltika Baku-Beer factory  


Further Information: 

1. Winner of the scholarship for BSc studies- The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic 2009

2. Winner of the scholarship for winter school- Baku Winter Oil School- March 2014

3. Winner of the scholarship for MSc studies- The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic 2015

4.  Winner of the scholarship for MSc studies- The University Birmingham award for the perspective international students, October 2015

5.  Winner of the abroad scholarship for PhD studies- At the University of Edinburgh, Engineering