Mr Chang Liu




1.4 John Muir

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Research Institute: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment

Research Theme: 

  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
Chang Liu


Chang Liu is a PhD student supervised by Drs Stephen Welch and David Rush at the Edinburgh Fire Research Centre (The University of Edinburgh) working on the topic of 'Characterisation of Travelling Fires in Large Compartments Using CFD modelling', following on from my research on the pertinent issues regarding the cooling phase of travelling fires as a Structural & Fire Safety Engineering (SAFE) MSc Student at Edinburgh. He has expertise in carrying out numerical simulations (mainly CFD-based) of full-scale compartment fire tests under the High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment e.g. ECDF Eddie and ARCHER2, c/o UKCTRF project. Having background in both civil and fire safety engineering, he also has experience in characterising thermo-mechanical response of fire-exposed structural members. 

Edinburgh Fire Research Centre

Academic Qualifications: 

  • PhD in Fire Safety Engineering, The University of Edinburgh 2022-present
  • MSc in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering, The University of Edinburgh 2019-2021

Research Interests: 

  • Travelling fires, including fire spread in post-flashover fires utilising High Performance Computing (HPC) resources
  • Validation and verification of CFD FDS code
  • Combustion of wood with an emphasis on smouldering combustion
  • Ignition of charring and non-charring materials
  • Analytical models for travelling fires scenarios
  • Structural-Fire coupling methodology 


  • CFD-Based Computational Modelling of Fire Related Problems in the Built Environment
  • Fire Behaviours in Large Open-Plan Compartments (Predominately With Wood Cribs as Fuels)
  • Pyrolysis and Ignition of Cellulosic Materials
  • Enclosure Fire Dynamics

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