Professor Antonis Giannopoulos

Personal Chair of Applied Geophysics and Computational Electrodynamics



+44(0)131 6505728


3.11 Alexander Graham Bell Building

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Engineering Discipline: 

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment

Research Theme: 

  • Infrastructure Sensing and Systems

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Research Interests: 

Engineering Geophysics and NDT

  • I have a great interest in the development of geophysical methods and their application to engineering problems with emphasis to the condition assessment and monitoring of infrastructure elements. In particular, I focus on the development of the ground penetrating radar (GPR) method working mainly on the area of numerical modelling of GPR.

Download the Free gprMax software

  • This is a FREE 2D and 3D GPR simulator based on the FDTD method

Computational Electromagnetics - FDTD

  • I have an active interest on the development of the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method and in particular the implementation and advancement of the Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) boundary conditions. Although, this work focuses primarily on the development of advanced FDTD modelling for GPR applications, its application is much wider and can be used in general FDTD modelling.


  • Engineering Geophysics
  • Application of GPR for NDT of structures
  • Computational Electromagnetics with emphasis in the FDTD method
  • Numerical modelling of GPR

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