Composites Group (Fibre-reinforced Polymers)

The Composites Group at The University of Edinburgh was founded in 2015, and has 7 academic and ca. 30 research staff & students (May 2021). Its focus is primarily on fibre reinforced polymer composite materials. Fibres studied include carbon, glass, basalt and natural fibres. Resins studied include both thermosets (e.g. epoxies, vinyl/poly esters) and thermoplastics (e.g. PEEK, PEK, Nylon-6).

Main Research Interests

  • Powder epoxy resins for thick section composite processing (e.g. wind blade root sections, shipping hulls).
  • Reaction Injection Moulding of PA6 (Nylon) Glass/Carbon Reinforced Composites.
  • Automated Carbon Tape Production Line producing powder-epoxy impregnated towpreg for Automated Tape Placement
  • Fibre-Metal Laminates for improved ductility and toughness.
  • Design and Testing of Large Composite Structures (e.g. Powderblade and Fastblade projects).
  • Biomimetic Composites.
  • Numerical Stress Modelling (Abaqus & Python)

Composites Materials Manufacturing and Testing Laboratories

The group has a total laboratory space of 210 square metres, with separate Composites Processing and Composites Testing facilities.

Composites Processing Equipment:

•  Heated vacuum tooling and accessories
•  Fume hoods and tool preparation areas
•  Thermoplastic composites press system
•  Reaction moulding system, mixing and dosing system for liquid thermosets and thermoplastics
•  Trimming and specimen extraction facilities

Composites Testing Equipment:

•  250kN Zwick static test machine with hydraulic grips
•  100kN and 250kN servo-hydraulic test machines
•  Humidity conditioning chamber
•  Fluid immersion baths for specimen conditioning
•  End-tab bonding press
•  Extensometers
•  Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)
•  Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
•  Optical microscopes and specimen preparation facilities
•  Scanning Electron Microscopy




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Selected Activities/Capabilities of the Composites Group

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