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Institute for Materials and Processes staff and students
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Mr Toa Pecur

Mr Thomas Fabiani

Mr Stylianos Kalaitzopoulos

Mr Shiliang Lin

Mr Samir Mohamed Osman Elsheikh Mohamed

Mr Riccardo Rea

Mr Randy (Zheng) Chen Institute for Materials and Processes Themes, Carbon Capture and Separation Processes, Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation

Mr Praveenkumar Subhash Patil

Mr Pierre Dieudonne

Mr Peter Wheatley

Mr Nikita Rog

Mr Nathan Ryan Berry

Mr Muhammad Fawad Abidi

Mr Miguel Angel Valdivia Camacho

Mr Michael Noel O'Sullivan


Mr Matthew Cian Sutton

Mr Marwan Nagm Eldeen Elnour Mohammed

Mr Marek Jan Munko

Mr Machar Laurie Devine

Mr Luis Gerardo Navarro Tovar

Mr Kinan Bezem

Mr Ka Zhang

Mr Junaid Ahmad Qayyum

Mr Jiangtian Tan

Mr Jiang Wu

Mr James Robert Davidson

Mr James Andrew Quinn

Mr Hasan Abdulkarim Hasan Ali Ismaeel

Mr Hao Xue

Mr Guanchu Lu


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